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Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund

Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund
The Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund was named in honor and remembrance of Jason Dahl, the Captain of Flight 93 on September 11, 2011. The fund was established in 2002 to give two scholarships per year to students pursuing a career in aviation.

Students must be planning to attend an accredited college or university full-time and major in Aviation with an emphasis on pilot-related studies. When applying, eligible students need to complete an essay on why they want a career as a professional pilot and what the scholarship will do for them.

Jason was born in San Jose, California, in 1957 and received his pilot's license in 1973. He studied aeronautics operations at San Jose State University and graduated in 1980 with a Bachelors degree. Jason loved flying and became a co-pilot in 1988 and a captain in 1993. Jason was the captain on United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 when the plane was hijacked.

It is believed that Jason's flight was intended to reach Washington, D.C. However, heroic actions of both crew and passengers diverted the plane from reaching its destination and is the only hijacked plane on 09/11/01 that did not reach its target.

Family and friends of Jason Dahl established the scholarship fund to help students who share the same love of flying to complete their education and pursue a career in aviation. The scholarship fund has grown into a national non-profit organization with donations from corporations and individuals.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in MARCH of each year, and the award amount VARIES.

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