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Independent College Fund Scholarships

Independent College Fund Scholarships
Independent College Fund Scholarships are offered in eight different categories for students who are permanent residents of the state of Maryland. Eligible students must plan to enroll full-time in a four-year college in Maryland.

Business and Leadership Scholarships are available for students who are interested in a financial accounting or business-related career. The Community College Transfer Scholars Fund enables students to transfer from a Maryland community college to pursue a Bachelor's Degree at an independent 4-year college in Maryland. The Health & Life Sciences Scholars Program includes scholarships for students with a career interest in the biological sciences, biochemistry, biophysics, microbiology and related scientific fields. It also includes chemistry, computer science, physics and environmental health.

National Security Scholarships are available for students with a specific interest in the field of national security. Bridge Scholarship Initiative offers scholarships for students who are bilingual Hispanics or other minorities. The Urban Scholars Program helps students from low- and middle-income minority families from Baltimore City. General Need Scholarships are available to Maryland students for all fields of study and is based on financial need.

The scholarships are made possible through the Independent College Fund, founded in 1953. The  non-profit organization secures funding for scholarships through corporate donations as well as industry and private foundations. Located in the state of Maryland, the organization provides scholarships annually to help Maryland students continue their higher education and to support Maryland's independent liberal arts colleges and universities.

The deadline for this scholarship VARIES each year, and the award amount is usually $1,000 - $15,000.

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