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EAA/ Harrison Ford Flight Training Scholarship

Harrison Ford ScholarshipHarrison Ford Scholarship offers scholarship help for students interested in a career in aviation. One scholarship is for students to attend EAA Air Academy, and the other scholarship is for students to pursue their aviation education at a technical school or college.

The Air Academy Scholarship is for students age 12-15 to attend the EAA Air Academy Young Eagles program in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Harrison Ford served as EAA’s Young Eagles National Chairman for five years. The program provides flight experience and an introduction to aviation for young students. Students must submit an essay of 500 words describing how the scholarship will help them achieve their aviation dreams.

For students age 17 to 24, 1-3 scholarships are awarded each year to help them attend a technical school or college to pursue their education in the field of aviation. Students applying for this scholarship must submit an essay of 1,000 words describing how the scholarship will
affect their career plans in aviation.

The scholarships are offered through EAA Air Academy, a member-based organization founded in 1953, supporting the interests of aviation and airplane enthusiasts that include pilots, and builders and restorers of airplanes. The scholarship program helps encourage students to discover the excitement of the field of aviation and consider it as a future career.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in AUGUST of each year, and the award amount is usually $1,000 - $4,500.

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