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Samsung Superhero Scholarship Competition

Samsung Superhero Scholarship Competition
Samsung Superhero Scholarship Competition is open to all U.S. students in grades K-12. The competition consists of students portraying a historical hero in a 1-3 minute video.

Students may choose any real historical character they want. In the video, they must dress like the character and tell the story just as the real character would. Videos will be judged by their accuracy, and the quality of the content as well as the way in which they portray the character.

The contest is offered each spring, fall and winter. Winners receive not only a cash prize but also a SamCam 760 for their school. Examples of past winners have included portrayals of Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, and modern characters like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Students should choose a character they admire and can portray with passion.

The Samsung Superhero Scholarship Competition was created to encourage more students to learn about history. The cash prize rewards students who take an interest in historical characters who have made an impact on society. Samsung is a global leader in technology products including TV's, tablets, smartphones, computers and more.


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