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The GotScholarship $40K Give Away

The 4th GotScholarship $40K Give Away

The GotScholarship $40K Give Away is open to all students age 18 and older in the U.S. and international. The scholarship recipient is chosen by random drawing.

Students may choose any college to attend and any field of study. The scholarship includes money for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other college-related expenses, contribution to a 529 Plan, and a prepaid college program (US only). The scholarship money can also be used to pay existing outstanding student loans.

There is no required minimum grade point average. To apply, students need to obtain sponsors; the more sponsors they accumulate, the more chances they have of winning. There is no charge for sponsors. Sponsors can include anyone. The scholarship can also be transferred to another eligible person.

The scholarship is sponsored by GotChosen, a startup company in multimedia technology, headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in MARCH of each year, and the award amount is usually $40,000.

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