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The Engebretson Scholarship Foundation

The Engebretson Scholarship Foundation
The Engebretson Scholarship Foundation Scholarships are for high school students with excellent academic and leadership accomplishments. The scholarship is renewable annually up to four years.

Students who meet all criteria for a Engebretson Scholarship may continue to receive the award until they have earned a baccalaureate degree, or four (4) years. They must maintain their grade point level in order to continue to qualify for scholarships. The scholarship may be used at any accredited four-year college or university approved by the Engebretson Foundation.

Eligibility requirements include a ACT or SAT score of 28/1240, a GPA of 3.75, and be in the top 5 percent of their graduating class. Students must be recommended by a teacher.

The Engebretson Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2006 in Omaha, Nebraska by the family of the late David J. Engebretson, a prominent businessman. It was his dream to give back, especially to children. The foundation awards scholarship every year to help fulfill Engebretson's dream.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in MARCH of each year, and the award amount is usually $5,000.

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