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A Voice for Animals Contest

A Voice for Animals Contest is open to students currently attending middle or high school, or home-schooled students and students who are under 19 years of age on the date the contest opens. The annual contest involves writing an essay or becoming involved in a project surrounding the treatment of animals.

Middle-school students may enter the contest by writing an essay that addresses either the mistreatment or suffering of animals, or animal extinction, along with ideas that will prevent animal suffering. High school students may enter the competition by becoming involved in a project that addresses the suffering, mistreatment or extinction of animals.

The contest is sponsored by the Humane Education Network, a non-profit organization that works to end animal suffering in the world, along with the Animal Welfare Institute, a non-profit, charitable organization founded in 1951 with the goal of reducing pain and fear inflicted on animals by humans.

Each year, the organizations offer prizes totaling almost $6,000 to middle- and high-school students who take an active interest in the protection and welfare of animals.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in APRIL of each year, and the award amount is usually $650.

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