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Family Support Services Scholarship

Family Support Services Scholarship
Family Support Services Scholarship program supports students in the state of Connecticut who are interested in pursuing careers in a profession that provides emotional or medical support to families. The scholarships are awarded by the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association (CFDA).

Eligible students must be high school seniors, legal residents of the state of Connecticut and maintain at least a B grade point average from grade 10 through 12. Students may choose any medical or emotional support career area such as medicine, nursing, psychology, psychiatry, counseling,gerontology and funeral service.

Since 2000, CFDA has given eight annual scholarships of $500 each to deserving students who meet the eligibility requirements. Students are selected from eight Connecticut counties.

The Connecticut Funeral Directors Association was founded in 1889 and is located in Wethersfield, Connecticut. More than 220 funeral homes are represented in the Association. The scholarships reward students who want to pursue careers dedicated to helping people through difficult times and also encourages more students to consider opportunities in support services.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in APRIL of each year, and the award amount is usually $500.

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