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The Talbots Scholarship Program For Women

The Talbots Scholarship Program
The Talbots Scholarship Program awards one-time scholarships to women who want to go back to school to earn their undergraduate degree after graduating from high school or receiving their GED at least ten years ago. Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

Applicants may use the scholarship in the freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year of college. They may choose a two-year technical college or four-year university and attend either part-time or full-time. Students must be U.S. citizens and also female.

The Talbots Scholarship Program is funded by the Talbots Charitable Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 1997. The scholarship program focuses on helping women receive a college degree later in life. The age range of women who have been helped through the program varies from 20's to 60's.

More than 600 women have been able to go to college with the help of the Talbots Scholarship Program. The program has awarded over $1.6 million in scholarships since it began in 1997.

Talbots is a leading women's traditional clothing retailer specializing in women 35 and older. The store began in 1947 and has grown to 580 stores in 47 states, as well as Canada and the District of Columbia.


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