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Texas A&M University Scholarships

Texas A&M University Scholarships
Texas A&M University Scholarships offer various scholarship opportunities for university students. They include scholarships for freshman, transfer students, study abroad scholarships and scholarships for specific areas of study. Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Students interested in architecture, for example, may receive a scholarship from any one of over 100 scholarships in the area of architecture. Students need only submit one application to qualify for any one of the scholarships for which they meet the requirements.

Several study abroad scholarships are also available in the colleges of business, agriculture and life sciences, education and human development, and liberal arts. The College of Liberal Arts, for example, provides a number of study abroad opportunities each year, including an exchange program with institutions in Germany and France for an entire semester. Students may apply for a stipend for study abroad programs.

The Foundation Excellence Award, supported by Texas A&M's non-profit organization, awards scholarships to ethnically diverse students who meet academic, financial and other qualifications. Students must be U.S. legal residents attending Texas A&M in College Station, Texas.

The deadline for this scholarship VARIES each year, and the award amount VARIES.

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