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Huebner Scholarships

Huebner Scholarships
Huebner Scholarships accept applications from high school seniors who are the children or grandchildren of soldiers who have served in the First Infantry Division of the United States Army. The scholarship covers up to four years of college.

The scholarship is awarded to applicants based on academic achievement and how well they address the essay question in 200 words or less. Applicants must provide proof that either their parents or grandparents served in the First Infantry Division of the U.S. Army.

To apply, eligible candidates must complete an application that includes an essay question, along with grade transcripts, grade point average and class rank, ACT or SAT scores, two letters of recommendation and a letter of acceptance from the college or university they will be attending.

The scholarship is named after Lieutenant General Clarence L. Huebner, who commanded the 1st Infantry Division during World War II. The 1st Infantry Division is the oldest division in the regular United States Army. The scholarship is sponsored by The Society of the First Infantry Division, a non-profit organization who continues to honor those who served in the 1st Infantry Division and foster continued communications among current members of the active 1st Division.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in FEBRUARY of each year, and the award amount is usually $10,000.

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