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Colgate-Palmolive Haz La U Scholarship Program

Colgate-Palmolive Haz La U Scholarship Program is open to Hispanic students who demonstrate academic excellence, dedication to community service, and leadership in their community.

Applicants must be graduating from an accredited high school, have a GPA of 3.0 or above, and be of Hispanic heritage (includes Spain, Brazil, Philippines). Candidates must be planning to enroll full-time in a bachelor’s degree program at an accredited higher education institution in the fall directly after graduation from high school.

Qualifying students could earn one of 31 scholarships, which include:

- 10 Bronze Grants, each at $2,000
- 10 Silver Grants, each at $3,000
- 10 Gold Grants, each at $3,500
- 1 National Grant, at $15,000

The scholarships are offered through Colgate-Palmolive and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on assisting Latinos as "leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities." The organization was established by the White House in 1987 and is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in OCTOBER of each year, and the award amount is usually $2,000 - $15,000.

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