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Samsung American Legion Scholarship

Samsung American Legion Scholarship
Samsung American Legion Scholarship is available to high school juniors who attend an American Legion state program and are a direct descendent of a wartime veteran who was on active duty during one of the periods of war. Applicants can be a child, grandchild, great grandchild, or a legally adopted child of a wartime U.S. military veteran.

Candidates must be high school juniors who attend The American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program. U.S. veterans include those who have served in the following wars: World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Lebanon/Grenada, Panama, and Persian Gulf.

Scholarships may be applied toward tuition, books, fees, and room and board. Winners are selected according to academic record, involvement in school and community service. The scholarship is supported by electronics leader Samsung who endowed a scholarship fund of $5 million to be administered by The American Legion in 1996.

Scholarship recipients include ten National Scholars, ten National Runners-Up, and finalists. All receive various amounts of awards up to $10,000. To date, the Samsung American Legion Scholarship has awarded more than $5.3 million to approximately 1,970 applicants.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in AUGUST of each year, and the award amount is usually $1,250 - $10,000.

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