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Chattanooga Hamilton County Retired Teachers Association (CHCRTA) Scholarship

The Chattanooga Hamilton County Retired Teachers Association (CHCRTA) Scholarship assists students who want to pursue a future in teaching. Ms. Sharon Vandagriff, the president of CHCRTA, said, "Providing scholarships for future teachers is one of the most important things we do. We can have a positive impact on education by attracting highly talented individuals into the teaching profession."

In this regard, they are accepting applications to four different scholarships. Each have different qualifying criteria. It includes:

  1. Mary and Paul Starnes Scholarship - new scholarship awarded to a deserving applicant who is enrolling in a graduate course furthering leadership skills in education.
  2. AALANA Scholarship - new scholarship specifically for African-American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, and Native Americans (AALANA). It will be awarded to graduating high school students from Hamilton County School planning to become a teacher.
  3. Margaret Ferger Scholarship - awarded to three deserving high school seniors in a public high school in Hamilton County.
  4. Scholarship for Aspiring Educators at UTC - awarded to a current UTC student who graduated from a public high school in Hamilton County.
The CHCRTA is a local unified organization of retired teachers that was established on May 16, 1957. Every year, they are opening scholarship applications that are made possible by members' generous donations to help support the future of education.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in APRIL of each year, and the award amount is usually up to $2,000. 

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